CPC Sundays

CHURCH PERIODICAL CLUB SUNDAY is a vital way to present the unique Ministry of the Printed Word as a concern of the entire church. Each year the Presiding Bishop designates one Sunday in the year (designates a Sunday, usually the first Sunday of May) for the observance of the work of spreading the Christian message through the Printed Word, i.e. Bibles, Prayer Books, Hymnals, Sunday school literature and allied programs, such as Alpha, or Education for Ministry, etc.

Parish kits outlining how to proceed with a CPC Sunday are sent to Diocesan Directors early in the year. The directors are responsible for circulating the kits to the parishes. Supplies may be ordered from the national office.

It is important that the parish CPC representative meet with the rector of the parish soon after the new year to select a date that fits into the parish calendar and is designated as “CPC Sunday”.

It is important that the CPC prayer and/or Litany be used at all services. The priest or parish representative should take special time to explain the mission of providing printed and related materials free to people all over the world who cannot otherwise obtain it. The offering that is collected on Church Periodical Club Sunday is customarily used only for the support of the National Books Fund. Checks should be marked for “Church Periodical Club Sunday”.

Following CPC Sunday the parish representative should express appreciation to the congregation for their for participation.