CPC Sundays

CHURCH PERIODICAL CLUB SUNDAY is a vital way to present the unique Ministry of the Written Word as a concern of the entire church. The CHURCH PERIODICAL CLUB (CPC) is the only organization in the Episcopal Church dedicated solely to providing written materials, both religious and secular, to people all over the world through grants.  Prayer books, books for seminarians, educational materials, medical textbooks, agricultural manuals, and materials for those in local and global mission are some of grants that have been given.

Each year a parish, mission, or institution selects a CPC Sunday (often the first Sunday of May) for the observance of the work of spreading the Christian message through the written word.  The date might also be set for an entire diocese or province.

Select a date designated as “Church Periodical Club Sunday” that fits into the calendar with the person(s) responsible for setting the calendar.

Our website has information that may be copied to use in publicizing and celebrating Church Periodical Club Sunday.

Recommend using the Church Periodical Club prayer and/or Litany at all services on Church Periodical Club Sunday. The mission of providing written materials to people all over the world who cannot otherwise obtain it should be explained at the appropriate time in each service.

The offering that is collected on Church Periodical Club Sunday is customarily used only for the support of the adult grants (National Books Fund). Checks should be made payable to the Church Periodical Club and marked for “CPC Sunday — NBF” on the memo line. Some parishes, missions and institutions divide the offering between their diocesan seminarian book fund and/or reading camp, and the National Books Fund.


Church Periodical Club Prayer

Bless O Lord, The Church Periodical Club, that it may be an instrument for the spread of your Word throughout the world. Grant to its officers wisdom and patience, to its members perseverance and the spirit of sharing that asks no return. Bring more to take part in its mission and ministry. Bless our gifts and those who receive them, to the enrichment of individual lives, that we all may be servants of the risen Lord. Amen.



A Litany for the Church Periodical Club

Leader     Almighty and Triune God, creator of all that is and is to be, we honor, worship and praise you. We thank you for calling us to the Ministry of the Written Word through the Church Periodical Club, that we may continue to proclaim the Good News of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.


Leader     For the founders who had the vision, and for those who have continued the work.

People   We thank you, Lord.


Leader     For those throughout the church who support the Ministry of the Word; for the ministries of all who teach, preach, heal, evangelize; for all of God’s people.

People   We thank you, Lord.


Leader     For the work of the National Books Fund, Miles of Pennies and the CPC projects throughout the National Church.

People   We thank you, Lord.


Leader     For all who are called forth to serve you in their various ministries, at home and abroad, proclaiming your Holy Word in many languages and traditions.

People   We thank you, Lord.


Leader     For all written materials used to teach all sorts and conditions of people.

People   We thank you, Lord.


Leader     For the gift of periodicals sent to those who are house-bound, in prison, suffering or serving in distant lands.

People   We thank you, Lord.


Leader     For the National Board of the Church Periodical Club, their committees, and Provincial Representatives.

People   We thank you, Lord.


Leader     God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, in you we live and move and have our being. So strengthen us by your Holy Spirit that we continue the work you have given us to do. Give us the wisdom to understand and the courage to learn new ways of communication for spreading your Holy Word.

People   Lord, hear our prayer.


Leader     That new workers will be called to the Ministry of the Written Word and that all of your people will continue to support this ministry.

People   Lord, hear our prayer.


Leader     Lord, hear our prayer as we pray together:

People     Bless, O Lord, the Church Periodical Club, that it may be an instrument of service in your Name. Lead many to take part in its ministry, that lives may be enriched by your Word made known. As you have guided it through over a century of service, inspire it to continue steadfastly in its work to your glory. Bless its gifts and those who receive them to the enrichment of your creation, that we may all be servants of the risen Lord. Amen.


Leader     Rejoicing with all who worship and serve you, let us commend ourselves and one another to Christ our Lord.

People     To you, O Lord our God.



Your Calendar for chosen date:                            

Five months before on                             :     Set the specific Sunday on which CPC Sunday will be observed in your parish, mission, or institution, and then put the date on its calendar.

Four months before on                            :     Review information on the CPC website https://churchperiodical.com/  to be sure you can answer questions about CPC’s ministry in the parish, diocese, nation, and world. Determine if there are any ministries of the written word in your diocese and/or province and include them.

Three months before on                           :     Order supplies using the CPC Order Form and/or print materials from the CPC website. Arrange or confirm with your treasurer to have the CPC Sunday offering sent to the CPC office at Church Periodical Club, ATTN: CPC Sunday, 320 S. 3rd Ave., #903, Sioux Falls, SD 57104. Make the payment out to Church Periodical Club and write CPC Sunday – National Books Fund on the memo line. An donation allocation form is available on the CPC website.

Two months before on                             :     Write articles for your newsletter and/or bulletins explaining CPC; include a story of one grant from last granting session. Put a copy of or hyperlink to the Speaking Volumes brochure in your mailing.

Post information on social media and church bulletin boards a few Sundays prior to your ingathering. Good publicity always makes a difference.

On the Sunday before on                         :     Remind the congregation(s) that CPC Sunday will be the next Sunday. Have the CPC Litany and prayer copied into the bulletins for the next Sunday service(s).

On CPC Sunday on                                    :     Remind your congregation(s) that it is CPC Sunday during announcements and be available to answer questions after the service(s).

Following CPC Sunday:                                After funds from the day’s services have been posted and distributed, confirm the amount and date the payment was sent with the treasurer for your records.

Report to the parish, mission, or institution in the newsletter and/or bulletin thanking everyone for their generous donations. Send a press release to your diocesan communicator about your CPC Sunday observance.