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change for change church periodical

Grace Episcopal Church, in Pontiac, Illinois, collected their change during Advent to Epiphany. The candle was filled and weighed 21.4 pounds… 2,687 pennies for children grants for Church Periodical Club, and $56.28 for adult grants. What has your church done for CPC?

St. Mark’s Community Children’s Library in Green Valley, Arizona Miles of Pennies Grant Recipient

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July 6-14, 2022


The Episcopal Church Women’s Triennial Meeting in Baltimore has been canceled.  The ECW board is planning to schedule workshops on Zoom and as podcasts throughout the year.  CPC has been invited to present its two workshops.

Second Sunday of Every Month
August 2022 through May 2023

Regular Monthly CPC Board Meeting

June 9-10, 2023

2023 CPC Annual Meeting



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2018 CPC Triennial, Austin, Texas

2015 CPC Triennial, Salt Lake City, Utah