National Books Fund

How did the National Books Fund start?

The Church Periodical Club was founded in 1888 by Mary Ann Fargo and a small group of women in the Parish Church of the Holy Communion in New York City. They began by sending bundles of church periodicals, prayer books, and Bibles via the Wells Fargo Stage Coach Line to clergy and laity, missionaries and Indians in the Dakotas, and the “far west”. Much of the early growth of the Church Periodical Club was due to the fostering care of the Women’s Auxiliary, now known as the Episcopal Church Women. This close relationship has continued through the years. By 1892, the Church Periodical Club was active in 48 dioceses providing many kinds of printed materials and a national office was established. In 1920, the national church recognized the Church Periodical Club’s great missionary work and it became a cooperating agency.

In the 1940’s, the National Books Fund Committee was established to meet the needs of the rapidly growing book needs of the many overseas mission programs. Since 1970, the Church Periodical Club has been a self-supporting affiliated organization of the Episcopal Church with its office located in the Church Center in New York City. As an independent organization affiliated with the Episcopal Church, the Church Periodical Club relies on its volunteers, clergy, and friends to promote its Ministry of the Printed Word.

More information is available at the national office. See contact info at the foot of the page.

How does the NBF compare to the MOP?

The NATIONAL BOOKS FUND (NBF) is the older of the two funds within the Church Periodical Club. NBF has limited itself primarily to books and related materials for adults since the advent of the Miles of Pennies FUND. Grant requests come from schools, libraries, individuals, agencies and parishes throughout the Anglican Communion. Funds to cover the requests are donated by individuals, parishes, dioceses and provinces. Receipts from ingatherings conducted in parishes on CPC Sundays are designated for NBF as are returns from an NBF endowment fund. Friends of CPC are encouraged to contribute regularly to the fund or to sponsor specific requests for books.

How does the fund work?

The NATIONAL BOOKS FUND (NBF) holds all money donated specifically for the purchase of written materials. The money is donated by individuals, parishes, dioceses and provinces. It is the one corporate effort of CPC, and all CPC organizations are urged to make regular contributions or to sponsor specific grant requests. Grants are made once a year in June. The application deadline is March 1 each year.

What can be covered?

Grants are made for written materials of all types, such as books, magazines, e-books and electronic software. The specific materials are determined and purchased by the recipients. Materials may be religious or secular, but must be used within the mission of the Church.

What cannot be covered?

NBF Grants are not given for equipment, (such as projectors, computers or shelves) operating expenses, (such as postage and stationery) or for the production of material (such as translations or printing).

Where can I download the guidelines?

National Books Fund Guidelines

What application do I need to use?

NBF Application Form

Is there an addendum?

NBF Wire Transfer Addendum