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Join us as we change the world one book at a time.

The Church Periodical Club is an independent, affiliated organization of the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church, dedicated to the worldwide Ministry of the Written Word and to the Promotion of Christian Mission.

  • Dues are $20 per year
  • Life Member dues are $250, paid at one time or $50/year for five years
  • Church and Organization Life Member dues are $300

Membership Dues Help Fund Operating Costs

The goal is to have enough members that all unrestricted gifts can be used for book fund grants.

The two Church Periodical Club grant funds are the National Books Fund for adults and Miles of Pennies for Children.

To Become a Member

  • Print out Membership Form & fill out.
  • Make checks payable to Church Periodical Club and write “Membership” on the memo line.
  • Mail check and form to: CPC Membership, 320 S 3rd Ave. #903, Sioux Falls, SD 57104. (Be sure to include an email address, if you have one.)

Please provide the information listed below, and mail it with your check to:
CPC Membership
329 S. 3rd Ave. #903
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Your Name
Mailing Address
Email Address
Specify membership type…
Single Annual Membership – $20
Church & Organization Life Membership – $300
Life Membership – $250, Or $50 a year for 5 years

Our Prayer

Bless 0 Lord, The Church Periodical Club, that it may be an instrument for the spread of your Word throughout the world. Grant to its officers wisdom and patience, to its members perseverance and the spirit of sharing that asks no return. Bring more to take part in its mission and ministry. Bless our gifts and those who receive them, to the enrichment of individual lives, that we all may be servants of the risen Lord. Amen.